For Kids

We want to take away your worries.

Sedation dentistry is one method of helping children through dental procedures. We have a variety of options we can use, depending on the circumstance.

In many situations, such as restorations or extractions, we use nitrous oxide and/or oral sedation combined with local anesthesia to make your child more comfortable. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is an odorless gas that a patient breathes to experience mild relaxation.

Oral sedation helps children relax, and sometimes even forget the procedure. Children typically experience few side effects, if any.

With local anesthesia, the area surrounding the treated area will be numb for up to four hours after the procedure. You can help your child by reminding them not to bite or otherwise irritate the numbed area.

In other cases, general anesthesia is an appropriate tool when the procedure is extensive or the child does not handle conscious sedation well.

Should you have a concern about how your child will handle a procedure, we can talk through available options.