For Kids

We have extra training to care for kids with special needs.

Many children with special medical needs also have special dental needs. They may be more susceptible to oral health issues or have difficulty caring for their teeth at home.

With a fully accessible office and patient and friendly staff, Eversmiles is a welcoming place for all children. The pediatric dentists at Eversmiles are trained in caring for children with special needs and complex medical conditions. When needed, we consult with specialists and primary care physicians to ensure your child has the best and most appropriate treatment for their needs.

We use behavior guidance techniques with all our patients to help their visit be successful. Some children may benefit from sedation or anesthesia to make them more comfortable.

Establishing a dental home is especially important in caring for children with special needs who may need more time to develop a trusting relationship with the dentist. It also allows us to establish an individualized plan for prevention and involve parents and caregivers in home dental care.