For Kids

We’re here to get your smile back on track.

One of the benefits of establishing a relationship with a pediatric dentist is the ability to recognize and treat problems early. The dentists at Eversmiles provide a range of pediatric dental services and we serve as a referral base for a number of dentists in Duluth and the surrounding region.

We strive to minimize discomfort for our patients through anesthesia and sedation. Should your child have a cavity, we offer a range of restorative techniques, including stainless steel crowns, esthetic stainless steel crowns, esthetic resin and glass ionomer fillings, and silver alloy fillings. We also perform extractions.

Dr. Conry and Dr. Bruzek also serve patients at Lakewalk Surgery Center and Pavilion Surgery Center, where they have privileges. Practicing at these locations allows us to treat patients in ideal surgical environments.